Traditional Medicine for Sustainable Health


Hidden Root Society is a radical, proactive alternative to the current reactive medical system. It is clear that the current medical model that we have adopted in America is not working. As a society we continue to get more and more sick, physically and emotionally; while prices continue to increase on medical bills and pharmaceuticals. It is time that we actively step up and foster health within our bodies, our families and our communities. 

You are invited to take control of your health through the power of Chinese herbal medicine by joining Hidden Root Society’s Private Membership Association (“PMA”) telehealth model, delivering health and vitality through the wisdom of traditional herbal medicine and ancient healing techniques.

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It’s time to mainstream Chinese herbal medicine. The Hidden Root Society brand is anchored in tradition, honoring the rich history that is the legacy of our medicine, while modernizing its image and increasing accessibility via our proprietary telehealth subscription model.  The proactive nature of Chinese medicine makes it the perfect public health intervention for our society, as our physical and mental health continue to decline at a cataclysmic pace.  Hidden Root Society is the first entrant into the category, positioning Chinese herbs as a tool for change in the combat against global health challenges.

Who We Are

Dr. Chloe Weber L.Ac, DACM/Founder

Dr. Weber is a visionary entrepreneur on a mission to grow health in our communities through the wisdom of Chinese Medicine. Chloe is a mom to an amazing little boy named Remy who has a rare genetic disorder called STXBP1 and is the inspiration behind all she does. Chloe is also a doctor of Chinese medicine, neuro/biohacking fanatic, and owner/founder of Radical Roots Herbs.

Dr. Drew Pierson, DAOM

Dr. Drew has performed over 75,000 EEGs and has been practicing neurotherapy (EEG biofeedback) since 1996. He worked in a large neuropsychological practice that treated children and adults with a variety of neurophysiological disorders, where he specialized in attention disorders, depression, anxiety, autism, seizure disorders and many other medication resistant conditions. In addition, Pierson has also worked with biofeedback to treat severe PTSD in combat veterans. He is a doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, as well as a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist and neurotherapist. His doctoral rounds focused upon integrative medicine (mental health, orthopedics, neurology, women’s health, and pediatrics.)

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